Position Title: Sales Representative

Become a driving force in our mission!

As a Sales Representative at Print Big Limited, your primary mission is to elevate our sales performance, cultivate enduring client relationships, and spearhead our expansion in the dynamic realm of printing and advertising.

What’s Expected Propel our annual sales revenue to new heights with a substantial 20% growth. Strengthen client loyalty through a targeted 10% improvement in retention rates within your first year. Pave the way for our future success by securing contracts with at least 5 new key accounts in emerging markets within the next six months.


  • Harness your sales expertise

  • masterful communication skills

  • analytical prowess to excel in this role


  • Exemplify qualities such as proactivity

  • resilience

  • adaptability

  • attention to detail

  • unwavering integrity


  • Oversee key client accounts

  • execute strategic sales plans

  • deliver impactful sales presentations

  • adeptly negotiate contracts

  • diligently monitor performance metrics

  • collaborate seamlessly with internal teams

Are you ready to step into the spotlight and lead the charge toward Sales Representative’s growth and prominence in the printing and advertising sector?

If you are a dedicated professional poised to make a significant impact, seize this opportunity at Print Big. Join us in our pursuit of excellence by applying now! Your journey to professional fulfillment begins here.

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